Conditions of Hire

  • 50% Deposit Required to secure your booking.
  • Balance is payable prior or at delivery/collection of hired items.
  • If you are hiring a water slide make sure your hose pipe that can reach the the slide because it requires a water supply.
  • The dimensions of our units are all on this can be found in the units description on
  • Payment is always in advance (on collection or delivery of equipment)
  • Please return your equipment in the same condition you received it – cleaned and packed.
  • Dirty, wet and muddy equipment will result in an additional cleaning fee of R200 being charged.
  • Late returns will result in an additional hiring fee.
  • Please do NOT leave or use the equipment in the rain; pack it up after use, store under shelter and return on time.
  • No eating, drinking, shoes, pets or sharp objects are allowed on the equipment.
  • No person over the age of 12 years allowed on units, except on water slides.
  • Please do not allow children to sit, climb or hang on the side walls, and kindly monitor the number of children on the equipment at all times.
  • Use of the equipment is entirely at lessee’s own risk and must at all times, be under strict adult supervision.
  • Only foam bath (bubble bath) is to be used on water slides.
  • No streamers allowed on units – it stains!!!
  • A suitable area for equipment, away from buildings, trees, walls, sharp objects and palisades, and preferably on grass and in shade, must be provided. (This includes stones/ sharp items on the ground underneath the unit, or walls next to the unit)
  • No persons are to play with or around the motor.
  • No animals are permitted on the inflatable jumping castles or waterslides at any time
  • If hiring overnight please ensure that your animals are locked away from the castle or alternatively please wrap up the jumping castle and put in a safe place.
  • The owner does not supply extension cables or pegs.
  • The lessee undertakes to ensure strict compliance herewith.If damage is found within seven days of the booking date the client/customer/lessee will be held liable for repairs and be charged a minimum of R500 to cover the repair costs.
  • Water items – prior to collection time, please deflate the item and empty as much water as possible, re-inflate and leave for a few minutes to dry. If hiring the Pool Wedge overnight please move the Pool Wedge away from the edge of the swimming pool when not in use and do not leave the hose pipe running on the inflatables when the motor is switched off.
  • During inflation or deflation of the equipment, do not allow anyone on the equipment as this is DANGEROUS.
  • Jumping CATs Party Hire will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to any person/s on the property whatsoever.
a. Cost of repair and/or replacement of equipment for loss or damage caused intentionally, recklessly, and/or negligently whilst the equipment is under hire to the lessee. (eg. Knife wounds, torn stitching and material due to adults on equipment, etc.)
b. Cost of replacement of lost or stolen equipment whilst equipment is under hire to the lessee.
c. Loss of income incurred whilst the equipment is under repair or being replaced as a result of damages or loss caused in terms (a) or (b) above.
d. Cost incurred – legal or otherwise – in the pursuance of any claim, however arising, which the owner may have against the lessee.
The owner does not accept responsibility and/or liability for any injuries, death, losses or damage caused directly or indirectly to any persons and/or property whilst the equipment is in use or under rental to the lessee.
Payment of the rental fee and signing of the Invoice Document document means that you have read, understood and accepted the above mentioned conditions of hire.
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